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by Erika Mae T. Claveria

Wandering through the desert dry
Where no bird would dare to fly,
Silent as the moon at night,
Still, as if t'were dead or died,
Creatures, flowers are rarely seen,

'Cause of the sun's great hot beam
Beaming with all its might,
Beaming with, great hot light,
Only animals dry as desert land,
Dare stick their head out of the sand,

Even though the land is scarce
Scarce of water, plant and rain,
Prickly cactus will grow again,
Thick or thin, tall or short,
No one cares of what sort,

Abundant with its water and food,
This prickly plant does a lot of good,
But no human form could ever survive,
One year or two,
In a Deserted Desert Land.

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