ASWANG: Introduction
by Benjamin A. Claveria
Stories and graphics were first published in the 37th Anniversary Magazine, April 1994 of the KJS of Buhi.

WHEN we were small boys in Buhi, we had no radio, t.v. or computer games to amuse us. We never saw a movie. We had no Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman or Spiderman to thrill us with their adventures. We had no Dracula to make us titillatingly scared on dark nights. Instead we listened to stories told to us by grandparents, parents and other elders about aswangs, encantos and ghosts.

As the following stories clearly show, the aswang is not a witch. In Buhi, what we call an aswang does not go flying in the air, riding a broomstick or casting spells on people she hates or putting a hex on animals. She likes to go under the houses of very sick people to make their illness worse. She eats human flesh. Here are five aswang stories I enjoyed as a child.

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The Aswang and the Paratagak
Iblas and His Aswang Neighbor
Aswang, Genuine and Bogus
Uncle Kiyo and the Aswang
The Aswang Bride


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