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A Boienen Inventor
An article by Concepcion Claveria-Bulalacao, illustrating how Severa Azcarraga-Claveria almost became a patented inventor. She could have been the first Boienen or the first Filipino to secure a patent from the United States Patent Office.

The Deserted Desert
An original poem composed by Erika-Mae Claveria, published in the anthology, 'The Nearness of Day'

The Severa Azcarraga's Notes
The notes about the family of Esteban Claveria and Severa Azcarraga-Claveria, handwritten by the latter. Includes a scanned copy of the original document and the author's picture.

Dance Weirldly, My Love
An short story by Benjamin Claveria, submitted in 1968, to the Philippine Free Press.

Our Buhi Language
An essay (including lyrics to famed Bikol Songs) by Benjamin A. Claveria on the clan's "exotic" language.

To the War Heroes of Buhi
An original poem composed by Benjamin A. Claveria, dedicated to the Buhinons who fought during the Second World War. Poem set to music by Rolando F. Sabroso.

A collection of stories by Benjamin A. Claveria, about the town's folklore and myths.

The War Years
A lengthy essay by Benjamin Claveria, on life in Buhi during the Pacific War.

SPECIAL: A Buhi Bicol Vocabulary
Copied from the Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Kochi University, Japan - No. 24 Series I, 1972 compiled and written by Yukihiro Yamada.


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