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by Benjamin A. Claveria
The Buhinon and English versions below are the original interpretations of the author.

After the last war, our house in San Buenaventura having been destroyed by Japanese bombs, we lived with a widow whom we called Nam Paning, just accross the street. One time she taught me the song, Cielo Azulino, which she had learned when she was a colegiala in Naga. I wrote down the words but my only copy was destroyed when our house in Naga was burned on September 16, 1980. It is only now, 17 years later, that I have tried to write it down again from memory. It will be noted that the song contains Spanish words as did many Bikol songs before the coming of the Americans.

Standard Bikol


Cielo azulino nga namemetangan
Ni Kristo Redentor nyana kalangitan
Rengegga oman logod manga inagrangay
Ning 'sad a amante nga nasasakitan.

Sa ngamin nga oras nga ika piremrem
Nyadtong eda palad nga saimong oripen,
Ta kina nanyaan sabien mo saken
Eda na remedyong puede mong giboen.

Ay infeliz de mi, paono ading buway,
Onong maaabot, onong maabotan?.
Ta ika a kausa, ika a dailan
Kin ono ta ako na sa kasakitan.

Kin ako magraan, maeda sa mundo
Bisitaa tabi mamendeng sepulkro,
Ta ika a kausa, ika a motibo
Kin ono ta ako na sa sentimiento.

Tapos na, tapos na pirit mapapated
Kuerdas ning puso ko sa labing pagties;
A mawring togon ko rengega oman logod.
Adios saimo Neneng, ay Neneng ko adios

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Standard Bikol)

Cielo azulino na namomogtakan
Ni Kristo Redentor kayan kalangitan.
Hinanyoga baya mga inagrangay
Nin sarong amante na nasasakitan.

Sa gabos na oras na ika giromdom
Kadtong daing palad na simong oripon
Ta atyan sa ngapit mataram ka poon
Dai nang remedyo sukat mong gibohon.

Ay infeliz de mi, pano ining buhay,
Anong maaabot, anong kaabtan?.
Ta ika a kausa, ika a dahelan
Kon tano ta ako na sa kasakitan.

Kon ako magadan, mawara sa mundo,
Simong bisitahon mamondong sepulkro,
Ta ika ankausa, ika an motibo
Kon ano ta ako na sa sentimiento.

Tapos na, tapos na pirit mapapatod
Kuerdas ning puso ko sa makuring hapdos,
A huring togon ko hinanaoga logod.
Adios sakong Neneng, ay Neneng ko adios.

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Cerulean heavens where dwells in splendor bright
Christ, our loved Redeemer, hope of all of mankind.
Hear this plea for succor, hear this lamentation
Of a poor loving heart, pleasure has left behind.

At all hours that you are fondly remembered by,
This sad, ill-starred lover, who your slave will remain,
For you're might say later, "Hopeless is his caring,
Nevermore will I look with love at him again."

How unhappy I am, what is in store for me,
What can I dare hope for, what will my future be?
For you're the main reason, you are the major cause
Why now I must suffer this life of misery.

When the time shall come that from this world I'll depart,,
To my sad sepulchre please come to visit me,
For it is this sorrow that you made me suffer
That made an early death my certain destiny.

All's ended, all's ended, perforce this must happen.
My heartstrings have at last broken from too much pain;
Heed my last entreaty, bid me farewell, my dear.
For I'm sure in this earth, we shall not meet again.

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